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Digitisation Project

Projects  (continued...)

Involvement in a transnational women's tourism network in Northern Scandinavia (through Shetland Community Enterprise Network), 1999
Northern Periphery
Shetland Enterprise

Fetlar Interpretive Centre's Custodian was involved as a peripheral partner in this project, and in March 1999 visited EMMA Resource Centre in Vilhelmina, Sweden, along with partners from Yell and Unst (Shetland), Hattfjelldal and Naer°y (Norway) and representatives of the University of Rovaniemi in Finland. The study visit enabled the formation of Northnet, a network of women working in tourism in peripheral areas of Scandinavia and Scotland, and promoted an ongoing exchange of information. The Scandinavian partners visited Shetland in May 1999, and some of the partners held a further meeting in Norway later in the year.

Bust of Sir William Watson Cheyne, part of a national exhibition dedicated to him at Fetlar Interpretive Centre.Bust of Sir William Watson Cheyne, part of a national exhibition dedicated to him at Fetlar Interpretive Centre.

Sir William Watson Cheyne Project
Production of national exhibition on Sir William Watson Cheyne of Fetlar, and his involvement in the pioneering Victorian development of antiseptic surgery, 1999-2000.

The project won the prestigious Educational Initiative Award at Scottish Museum of the Year 2000.

Heritage Lottery Fund
Shetland Amenity Trust
Shetland Islands Council
Shetland Enterprise
Write Design

This project created the extensive exhibition and information resource on Fetlar's most famous son: Sir William Watson Cheyne. The creation of the resource provided FMT's Custodian with valuable experience in exhibition management and marketing, and created links with a number of national medical collections. The production of the CD-ROMs for the resource was kindly sponsored by a local company, Write Design. See exhibition section and the Sir William Watson Cheyne website at www.watson-cheyne.com/ for more details

Digitisation project, 2000-2001

During the winter of 2000-2001, Fetlar Museum Trust undertook to digitise 25 items in its collection as part of the nationwide SCRAN project. Most of the items were connected with the peat-flitting and hand-made straw artefacts.

Digitisation Project 2001 - 2004
Heritage Lottery Fund; Shetland Islands Council

This project provided high quality digital images of nearly 2000 photographs, artefacts and documents in the collection at Fetlar Interpretive Centre. Some of these are avaliable to view on this website. Click on Digitisation Project from the left-hand menu buttons.

As well as making our collection more accessible worldwide, this project made digital archival copies of mmuch of our collection to preserve for future use.

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