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Handwritten letter - page 2
Second page of letter from John and Ursilla Thompson [Thomason] of Fetlar, written from Melbourne, Australia. For first part of letter, see previous image. Transcription [continued]: I am to you for the lend of the money. I as[s]ure you that I feel more than I express that morning when I left you. I was truly thankful that I had such a friend to lend me so much money and a great many chances of him never getting it back again James. I am at work in a store - my wages is 10s [shillings] a day or 3 a week - as long as I keep my health and my wife can move about we will be well enof [enough] but may God give us p[e]ace and contentment for all the things in the world is only vanity. We both send our kind love to Maley and Laurence and exept [accept] of the same your self. Som[e] more at present from your most affectionate and cincere [sincere] Friends John and Ursilla Thompson. Direct as before.
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26th August 1858
Original letter: 23cm x 18.5cm
For those emigrating to Australia, life was initially hard and uncertain. In some cases, there was great wealth to be made, however, even though it may have been subsequent generations who saw the real benefit.

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