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Digitisation Project


part of the exhibition dedicated to Sir William CheynePart of the exhibition dedicated to Sir William Cheyne.

Disabled facilities
we have full disabled facilities including toilet and access to all exhibitions. If you have any special requirements, please phone ahead and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

The Centre has a number of interactive multi-media displays on three computers. As well as general visitor information about Fetlar, the following displays are available for public use:

  • Our digitised collection of nearly 2000 photographs and documents
  • History and folklore
  • Archaeology
  • Crofting
  • The Earls of Zetland (and Fetlar flit boats) - the supply steamers which visited the island regularly before the mid 1970s when ro-ro ferries were introduced
  • Schools
  • Fetlar houses
  • Folklore
  • Leisure
  • The whaling
  • Peat work
  • Ships, boats, the sea
  • Fetlar today
All these are cross-referenced to audio tapes and documents in the Archive.

Wildlife and Natural History

  • Fetlar's breeding birds - including bird sounds, photographs and video, photographs and sounds courtesy of Bill Jackson, wildlife photographer.
  • Fetlar's wild flowers
  • Fetlar's wildlife, including otters and Shetland ponies
  • Cetaceans around Fetlar's coast
  • Fetlar's geology

We also have a powerpoint presentation on all Fetlar's birds, and information on the birds is updated annually on an extensive database with the help of RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) staff or volunteers.

Fetlar luderhorn, once used by boats as a kind of foghorn, with date of 1741 engraved on itFetlar luderhorn, once used by boats as a kind of foghorn, with the date of 1741 engraved on it.

Genealogical database
For those with family connections in Fetlar, you may find the information you are looking for on our genealogical database, which in the case of some families goes back to the 1500s. For more general Shetland genealogical information we suggest you contact Shetland Family History Society, 6 Hillhead, Lerwick, Shetland.

Information in French, German, Italian and Dutch:
Bienvenue au Centre d'interprétation de Fetlar
Willkommen im Fetlar Interpretive Centre
Benvenuti al Fetlar Interpretive Centre
Welkom in het bezoekerscentrum te Fetlar

For visitors from abroad, our Custodian is able to give you detailed information in French, German or Italian. Much of our written wildlife information is also translated into Dutch.

breeches buoy used by Fetlar Auxiliary Coastguard to rescue 13 crewmen from the Soviet trawler Maia which sunk off Fetlar on 2nd February, 1962Breeches buoy used by Fetlar Auxiliary Coastguard to rescue 13 crewmen from the Soviet trawler Maia which sunk off Fetlar during a storm on 2nd February, 1962.

Educational services
Schools packs - a schools pack is available for the exhibition Sir William Watson Cheyne and Antiseptic Surgery, and contains a CD-ROM, teachers' guidance notes including a chart of compatibility with Scottish 5-14 Guidelines, and a leaflet putting the pack into the context of the full exhibition. Schools pack cost £15 plus postage and packing, and can be ordered from Fetlar Interpretive Centre.

School groups are always welcome at the Centre, and special programmes and activities can be made available on request and tailored to individual group requirements. Contact Jane Coutts at Fetlar Interpretive Centre for more information.

Project management
Fetlar Museum Trust has in recent years offered an administrative and project management service to community groups, largely within Fetlar itself. This generally involves sourcing and/or managing funding packages and providing project administration.

In 2000, FMT managed the successful five-month Fetlar Development Project, which provided extensive community consultation and a Fetlar Development Plan, as well as a drop-in centre for community groups enquiring about projects and project funding.

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