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This is the full equipment known collectively as bends that was used to carry peat home on ponies. A blanket of straw, covered in hessian cloth, and called a flakkie, was first placed on the ponie's back. On top of the flakkie was placed the maishie, a kind of net that held the kishies firmly in place. On top of the maishie was placed a crossed wooden "saddle" called the klibbers. The kishies, large straw baskets which held the peats, were held in place, one on each side of the pony, by the maishie, which was attached to the crossed hooks on top of the klibbers. To hold the whole apparatus firmly in place, a strap went under the ponie's belly and was tightened. Also, a padded strap went under the ponie's tail and was attached to the klibbers. The flakkie, seen in this photo, was made for the peat flitting, but most likely never used, which is why it has survived. It is almost certainly the last surviving flakkie in the whole world.
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